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We understand that taking a test can make you nervous.

To help ease these fears and improve your test-taking experience, Prophecy offers practice assessments for several of the most commonly tested specialties.

Take a practice test today to refresh your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the Prophecy test.


Available in your specialty

Prophecy Prep tests consist of 30 questions covering areas addressed in the full-length Prophecy Assessments. Practice tests are now available in these specialties:

  • Cardiac Progressive Care Unit
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  • Clinic RN (Primary Care)
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  • CNA Acute Care
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  • ER RN
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  • ICU RN
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  • Labor & Delivery RN
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  • Medical/Surgical RN
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  • Mother/Baby RN
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  • Operating Room RN
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  • Pre-Operative Care RN
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  • Radiology Technologist
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  • RN Pharmacology
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Instant results

Upon completion of the Prophecy Prep test, you’ll get:

  • Your overall score, indicating how you would perform on a full length test.
  • A list of knowledge domains assessed, and your performance within each area.
  • The specific questions you missed, which highlights areas for further study.

How it works

Visit the Prophecy Prep test store, select the test(s) you would like to purchase, complete the checkout process, and within one business day you will receive an invitation to access your test.

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