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Robust Reporting

Each assessment creates a personalized scorecard with a view into a clinician’s overall results, along with detailed reports on their specific competencies.

Clinical & Situational Reports

Identify specific learning opportunities to ensure that candidates, if hired, are given the orientation and onboarding support they need to become high performing members of your team.

Provide links to educational resources that help nurses enhance their knowledge and skills, support your nurse educators, and instill a culture of learning in your organization.

Behavioral Reports

Provide detailed insight into a nurse’s suitability for a particular role and specialty area.

Offers targeted interview questions that allow you to focus your interviews so you get the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.


Predict Nurse Performance

Our scale and independent validation enables us to generate a
“ProphecyOne Score,” which combines a the clinical, situational and behavioral assessment results into one weighted percentage for all clinicians.

The ProphecyOne Score has been proven to accurately predict a nurse’s likelihood of success in a role, as external reviewers confirm that there is a statistically significant relationship between a candidate’s score and their ultimate job performance.

It is currently available in specialties that together cover 85% of all nurses, including ICU, Med/Surg, ED and L&D.

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