Client Testimonies

"Shifting the entire RN responsibility to the PPS program was probably the best decision I have made.  Our consultant handles all of our clinical interviews, clinical incidents and works with our staff and external workforce as though she is an RN Specialties employee."

- Andrew J Lamberson, President (RN & Allied Specialties)

“We made it!! Our consultant was very patient with our many questions and time constraints. She was extremely knowledgeable and was always prompt in her responses...”

- Jerome Daniel, President (Remede Consulting Group)


"Prophecy's consultant came in and was extremely knowledgeable and organized.  She made the Joint Commission Certification process manageable and it was just an overall great experience."

- Carol Robinson, Founder & CEO (Robison Medical Resource Group)

Move on the Fast Track with Prophecy Consultants!

From creating effective training and implementation plans for Prophecy Assessments, to evaluating how Prophecy positively impacts your nursing workforce and assisting you with clinical operations and risk management, our consultants can share their experiences and best practices, to assist you every step of the way.
Our Clinical Oversight Service is very inexpensive, yet comprehensive, and offers the following benefits:
  1. 24/7 availability to address all clinical issues
  2. Interviewing/qualifying candidates within the hiring process to assure appropriate placement
  3. Addressing all clinical or compliance issues that arise
  4. Assisting with performance evaluations of healthcare professionals
  5. Developing educational plans to enhance healthcare professionals performance
  6. Interacting with state board or any appropriate licensing/certification entity
  7. Conducting monthly personnel file audits to assure compliance
  8. Investigating Do Not Return decisions by client
  9. Coordinating performance improvement plans for Joint Commission

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