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“We were looking for assessments that were comprehensive.”

Posted by Tom DeSantes on April 15, 2016 at 11:03 AM

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Developing high quality nursing teams is a top priority for healthcare leadership today, and is often a challenge in the face of increasing nurse turnover and projected nurse shortages.

On April 13th, APS’ Anne Hackman BSN RN MPA, NE-BC, senior director of performance management and insights, presented her Prophecy story. Once a Prophecy client at a large academic health system, Anne explained why, as a nurse leader, she chose to implement Prophecy’s validated assessments to redefine her approach to nursing success.

“We were looking for assessments that were comprehensive,” explained Anne. “There are clinical knowledge assessments available, which many of us has used in the nursing education field. There are behavioral assessments that many of the HR folks have used for a long time in selecting candidates. What makes Prophecy so unique is that it is not just one of those, but it is actually three dimensional.”

Prophecy provides insight and data into the clinical, situational, and behavioral competencies of each nurse. This helps leadership better understand the nurse – his or her strengths and knowledge gaps – and then place the nurse the best-fitting role or specialty based on their personality attributes and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, the analytics can be aggregated to provide insight into cohorts and groups of nurses whether they are new grad nurses, new hires, transfers, incumbents, or prospects for advancement.

Anne was also impressed with the rigor of Prophecy’s approach. “The assessments have been validated by external experts… who confirmed that we are measuring the right dimension for nursing jobs. Those who do well on the assessments are likely to do well on performance evaluations,” Anne explained, adding that Prophecy’s criterion validity study of over 800 nurses showed a 0.67 correlation between a clinicians’ assessment results and their actual performance review. “This is way over the expected correlation in a study of this kind,” Anne said.

To highlight the comprehensive nature of the solution, Anne explained how health systems are using Prophecy across the continuum of a nurse’s career to:

  1. identify talent
  2. onboard and orient new nurses
  3. develop and engage clinicians, including identifying nurse leaders

She underscored the impact by showcasing a current client who uses Prophecy assessments to gain a variety of benefits across their health system.


Anne described why hiring managers, nurse educators, and talent managers, particularly those with high vacancy rates, came to Prophecy. “Research demonstrates that there are really negative implications of high turnover – nurse satisfaction, patient care experience, and HCAHPS scores,” she said. “It’s really not a desirable state, and they knew something had to be done.”

This large regional health system used the Prophecy assessments to select new hires in the recruitment process, to customize learning during orientations, and to guide internal transfers with current nurses.

The result was a 20 point increase in retention.

Added Anne, “The cost to replace a nurse is phenomenal, and reducing it by this much is tremendous.”

To learn more about Prophecy, download Anne’s recorded presentation.

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