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New Facility-Level setting allows health systems to create assessment reports by hospital

Posted by Meredith Juengel on March 30, 2016 at 4:42 PM

We are thrilled to announce the release of one of the most anticipated features to date.  In response to requests of current Prophecy clients, the Facility-Level setting is now available for use!

Health systems expressed the benefits that would stem from being able to group departments by facility during account setup:

  • reporting on assessment results by facility
  • granting user security access across multiple facilities more easily

Previous to this feature upgrade, health systems were unable to pull reports on the hospital level.  And, although test-takers could be grouped by "Departments," differentiation between "Departments" at various hospitals was a bit less intuitive than desired. 

How did health systems create hospital-specific departments before this upgrade?

Prior to this new feature a 14-hospital health system had to name "Departments" with the hospital name included (Blake - ICU, Christ United - ICU, St. James - ICU, etc.).  However, reporting was only available at the system level (all hospitals and all "Departments") or at a "Department" level.  This created lengthy "Department" drop down lists, which were difficult for users to scan, and made data analysis at the facility level a manual, time consuming task.  

Admins are now able to group "Departments" by "Facilities" by simply selecting the "Department/User" drop-down from the "Settings" menu.


To learn more about the use of "Departments" in Prophecy and why establishing "Departments" is a best practice during implementation, check out this blog

Reporting Benefits

Clients who have elected to use Prophecy Full as a standard in assessment have access to Facility-Level Reporting.  HR teams, nurse managers and clinical educators are able to generate reports for data analysis across their hospital, or continue to drill down to test taker results for a specific "Department."


This level of reporting helps:

  • reduce administrative burden of compiling multiple reports
  • isolate facility-wide clinical knowledge gaps
  • generate hospital data for benchmark comparison within the health system

User Access by "Facility"

An additional resource-saving benefit is how quickly admins can grant users access to all "Departments" within a "Facility."  Prophecy account administrators can utilize a "Select All" option within the "User" setup screen.


Granting "User" access on the "Department" level helps administrators establish security of access to test taker data while also managing assessment results notifications.

We appreciate the feedback we receive from clients each and every day.  Through the tracking and prioritization of suggested upgrades our development team continues to deliver features widely appreciated by clients. 

Have additional ideas for upgrades?  Reach out to a Prophecy Team member today!


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