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New feature allows for “en masse” assessments

Posted by Meredith Juengel on March 30, 2016 at 12:59 PM

mass-group-of-test-takers.jpgSending yearly competencies? Completing regulatory requirements? Assessing clinical competencies to develop unit-specific education?

Prophecy's new Mass Send feature, which allows administrators to assign selected assessments to groups, helps reduce administrative burden associated with a variety of common testing initiatives. Mangers can now send assessments to multiple users at one time.

Best Practice Recommendation

The Mass Send feature is particularly useful to clients who utilize the “Departments” tab when creating user accounts. The “Department” tab allows managers to group staff based on particular criteria such as:

  • caregiver specialties (ICU, L&D, MedSurg)
  • departments/floor assignments
  • nursing cohorts
  • recruiters' geographic territories
  • individual branch locations

During your implementation, if you you use the “Department” tab to create these groups, Prophecy allows your team to:

  • pull department-specific reports
  • manage exam completion notifications to users
  • create security level settings
  • send exams to groups of test takers at once

Let's dive in to the specific steps on how to utilize the “Departments” tab for the Mass Send feature.

How to use Mass Send

To assign assessments to multiple users at once…

  1. Log into your Prophecy account, and select the “Manage" tab.
  2. There will be two tabs from which to choose “Caregivers" and “Departments." Select “Departments."
  3. Choose a particular department from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click “Get Caregivers" to access a list of users assigned to that department.
    (Note: The select all checkbox in the chart header will default to include all users.)


  5. Choose the assessments from the full exam list you wish to send to the user and select “Send."

The transaction receipt details the number of recipients who received the exams requested.


If your organization has not used the “Department" tab in the past, it's not too late to start! Please contact a Prophecy Support team member to request information on how to retroactively assign users to “Departments” so you can benefit from this new Mass Send feature.


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